Saining Spray
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Saining Spray

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Saining is a Scots word for blessing, protecting, or consecrating. Sain is cognate with the Irish and Scottish Gaelic seun and sian and the Old Irish sén - "a protective charm."

To use: spray before a ritual or any time you want to cleanse the energy in your space. If cleansing the whole home, consider starting in the corners and back rooms, working your way to the front.

Made in a base of waning moon water and witch hazel. Also contains obsidian chips for psychic protection and grounding.

Handmade in Regina, SK by Conjure Apothecary

Essential Oils: cedarwood atlas, rosemary and juniper.
Also contains Polysorbate 80 which acts as an emulsifier for the essential oils to prevent them from settling.